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Supporting Your Financial Journey

David Strulowitz JD, LLM, is an independent financial advisor providing personalized solutions for your financial needs. Our team recognizes and celebrates the unique aspects of each individual’s journey by helping you build a strong financial foundation to meet life’s challenges.

Focusing on Personalized Solutions

Focusing on Personalized Solutions

Our team crafts personalized solutions designed to simplify your financial decisions and build confidence in your financial foundation. By forming a strong bond as your long-term partner, we will help you move through life’s chapters, and will be there with solutions for your evolving situation.

Relational, Problem-Solving Advice for Every Life Stage

Business Owners

Helping business owners align their business assets with their financial and tax planning goals. 

Business Owners


We can help you feel more financially secure during and following a fair distribution of assets.


Independent Women

Our team is a reliable partner in your independent financial journey — supporting you as you pursue your goals.



Providing the support of a steady and experienced advisor as you plan for and go through retirement.

Serving Powerful, Independent Women

Serving Powerful, Independent Women

Women often must overcome unique obstacles on their journey to financial independence. We not only celebrate your success, but also understand the effort you have made to get where you are. Our solutions can simplify your complex financial decisions and help you gain confidence in your strategic plan.

The Next Step in Your Unique Journey

 We want to help you maximize and enjoy your achievements by simplifying the complex issues you face. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Your Financial Journey

As you navigate through the changes and challenges life throws at you, the team will be there with adaptable solutions to help you pursue your goals.

Financial Planning

Financial planning covers a wide spectrum of services and requires a comprehensive understanding of your financial condition. We recommend personal solutions to support your progress toward the financial future you envision.

Wealth Management

Safeguarding the wealth you have earned requires vigilance. We support your continued effort with personalized solutions that align with your objectives, influenced by your time horizon and risk appetite.

Tax Planning

To manage your tax obligations and avoid paying more than you should. We will employ our comprehensive knowledge of tax laws to offer custom guidance for your situation.

Asset Protection

Risks are everywhere, and liability can expose your hard-earned assets to potential loss. Asset protection strategies can help protect your assets using tools that align with your financial goals.

Retirement Planning

The key to enjoying retirement’s rewards is careful planning. By incorporating your retirement plans and goals into your overall financial plan ensuring that you can savor the experience.

Insurance & Protection

We understand you have commitments to keep regardless of what happens in your life. Our team will help you assess your exposure and select appropriate insurance options to safeguard your plans.

Estate Planning

Planning to distribute your assets to heirs or charitable recipients is the culmination of your successful financial journey. Effective estate planning involves more than writing a will, and we will review all applicable tools with you.

Divorce Planning

If you are preparing for a potential marital disruption, it’s essential that you work through the details with an experienced advisor. Taking effective action can help you preserve your financial position.

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